Juliana A & Malina A

Juliana A & Malina A

Regards from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We really hope that you will gain something from this site and become a better person than yesterday. Improve, now.


#MaJuProject2013 – Project 1

This curiosity is killing me. I cannot stop from thinking of something new every darn single day and night. Brain cannot stop working, it needs to be used all the time. I need to think of something, so I went online, search for famous quotes on BrainyQuote (yes, click on it if you want to have brain like mine. Good or bad, its your call.) It is kinda like, my daily dosage. It is like a prayer to me. I cannot live without it. For us, Muslims, we need to give prayer (doa) in order to make you feel better or you know there’s something out there that you could refer to or rely on. Same goes to me. Other than do prayers, I have other ways to do affirmation.
Doesn’t matter what is the subjects/topics. Can be anything. Success, dreams, changes, wisdom, happiness, inspirational etc.. Anything that makes you feel better after reading it!
I admit that despite of my busy schedule, I sometimes do not have time to be around positive people (But thank goodness for my homies, they are all positive people!), and sometimes I do not have time to do prayers and curse out loud and will regret about it second later. LOL! So, other than doa, I will spend most of my nights before I go to bed, by reading quotes. On Twitter or websites. Even on Tumblr! I will turn off the light and read it on my phone.
So I have an assignment for you. Answer this question if you must. Or, YOU MUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION!
IF YOU ARE FAMOUS (or not, doesn’t matter), WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY SO THAT PEOPLE WOULD QUOTE YOU? FOR EXAMPLE, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” by Eleanor Roosevelt. WHAT ABOUT YOURS?
Please and please. I know that most of you never think of this question before though most of you are all above 20 years old now. But I really really hope that all of you could give me feedback. Take your precious time and please do get back to me yea? You can reply thru here (at the comment box below) or thru Twitter if you have it, or Keek or my Instagram or thru email or mobile phone if you have my number. I want to know my people and your brilliant and genius minds. Give me what you’ve got, babies! Hihi. Thanks.
Appreciate your feedback, loves.
Malina Azman
for #MaJuProject2013

Hello, Introducing #MaJuProject2013!

Introducing Th MaJu Project 2013 by Malina A. and Juliana A. What is #MaJuProject2013?

What is #MajuProject2013, you ask?

#MaJuProject2013 is a series of vlog or videolog that we both, Malina A. and Juliana A. are going to make for the remaining year of 2013. We will be talking and discussing about how to lead a positive life, what is happiness, what it takes to be successful, and the list goes on.  We are going to talk a lot! It takes half a year for us to perform and execute this awesome plan since we need to sit down and talk as well as discuss and ‘perah otak’ (meaning, brainstorm) to get so many different ideas and information to collect from all kinds of people with different backgrounds and cultures. As well as their lifestyles. We also want to create and build a healthy society in Malaysia, to change the mindsets of most Malaysians, to create a society where brains and minds come first before anything else. We want to spread the positive vibes to all of people out there, to make them see what we see, to make them feel good about themselves, and to achieve goals, everyday. We know it sounds impossible to “change” the mindsets of our fellow Malaysians but we want to at least, give some changes to some of you readers. We need to start and start small by doing this #MajuProject2013.
Why do we call this project #MaJuProject2013?
Firstly, it is because of the combination of our names, MAlina + JUliana, and since this our project together, hence the name, MaJuProject. It is also because the word “maju“, when you translate it, it means progress. So we believe in the concept of progressing things and people around us as well as ourselves. We need to be progressive in order to become better, successful individuals not just in the future, but  in the moment, as in now. InshaAllah. Why do we want to put the hashtag? We think people know what is the purpose of the hashtag, right? The whole purpose of putting hashtag is to have people to spread the word of the project so people can know what our project is all about so we can share our discussions, ideas and progression of ourselves, not just in Malaysia but outside of Malaysia as well.
When will the #MaJuProject2013 be officially opened to public?
We both are still at the data-collection phase, still recording videos to get more ideas and thing to talk and discuss about. Nothing serious. We just do it for fun, to share useful and beneficial things that we have learned everyday. We are still learning and just merely wanted to share with you so that you could feel our positive energy too! We want you to feel what we are feeling right now. Trust us, positivity is the only thing that could give you the boost you need.
Malina Azman & Juliana Adlin