What is your own quote?


We will be posting up all replies from our family members, friends and acquaintances about the quote. Why did we ask such question like that?

THE MAIN REASON why we asked you the question, is that, we want to know whether you are positive enough to have a word of your own to live by and your own life principle for you to go through the day. The disciplinary that you guys have made to yourself to complete any assignments or tasks. The promise or vow that you have made to achieve something in the future.

This is important, our dearest friends. We need to know the vibes that you have right at this moment and what kind of principle that you have been holding all these while. We need to know what type of environment you have been living in. And again, this curiosity is killing us. We just need to know, so we asked you guys on that Saturday morning around 4 am something. LOL! Sorry for the “early” notification, blame the curiousness in us.

We just want to know who’s prepared for it (the unexpected question and the future, of course), makes you think about your current status now on where are you right now, are you on the right track, what do you really want in the future. Have you decided on what you want to be in the future? Is it the correct path? Basically, we just wanted to know, do you have your own life principle?


SUPERBLY AWESOME REPLIES! Will post it in the next post 🙂

Malina Azman


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